As Max Frisch once said:

“Crisis can be a productive state. You just have to remove the taste of catastrophe.”

Looking at an investment with an optimistic mindset is not a question of perspective but rather of information. Anxiety usually results from a lack of information.

Visibility in the media and the public eye is the right marketing instrument for the financial sector in developing and rebuilding trust.

Almost two-thirds of Germans have “little or no trust” in banks since the financial crisis (Allensbach opinion poll carried out for FAZ, 2008).

According to a survey carried out by the forsa research institute in 2008, only 25% of those surveyed said they would “seek the advice of their bank when planning their personal finances”. In 2007, the corresponding figure was 38%.


Perspective is the key for turning frowns upside-down.

In contrast, 47% of those surveyed said they would most trust an independent financial adviser to “examine their financial situation most thoroughly and put forward appropriate suggestions”.

It is precisely at this time that anti-cyclical communications strategies have a good chance of improving your all-important reputation in the financial sector.