iris albrecht finanzkommunikation’s range of services is targeted specifically at banks, investment companies, fund managers and financial consulting firms that would like to make use of public relations as a credible, effective and relatively inexpensive marketing tool with the help of external expertise...

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...and that value professionalism with streamlined structures.

From her involvement in integrating two independent companies into one business entity, Iris Albrecht has experience with different shareholder cultures, which means you can expect her company to work sensitively with a variety of different corporate structures.

If required, a qualified network of experts can also be consulted.

Specialised in financial communications.

Enhance your communications with the help of a partner who can offer established financial communications services based on her own experience, and who has spent ten-plus years working in asset management.

As a media expert for investment funds, iris albrecht finanzkommunikation has extensive knowledge of capital market products and personal contacts with key editorial offices for financial communications in Germany.



Proven success in financial communications.

Through intensive public relations, Iris Albrecht has succeeded in making her co-founded company “FondsKapital Individuelle Anlageberatung für Investmentfonds AG” and its successor company “Fund-Market Deutschland GmbH” a reputable name in independent fund-based asset management across Germany within ten years. She has also been a favourite interview partner on TV programmes where she manages to interest consumers on the often complex issue of investment. Her secret is simple but effective: using everyday language to explain difficult concepts.

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We are more than happy to offer our extensive financial and communications know-how to help your company move forward on the path to success.

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